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We have actively been serving Tulsa, Oklahoma for the last 15 years.

We have helped over 75 couples in Tulsa save their marriage!!

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About Michael

Michael is the therapist you’d work with. He has lived in Tulsa for 25 years and has worked with over 60 different couples.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy that we have here is that you need to be able to help yourself. When you come here you can’t possibly expect the therapist to just solve everything. So we go on the philosophy that you need to be committed when you show up in order for the counseling to work.

If you show up at your partner you are uncooperative, then chances are that things are going to be to get it done because you are your partner are not willing to openly participate or want to be there.

Want touch on is how we attack problems. Because after all you have a number of issues that you’re dealing with and that’s why you are coming for counseling.

I don’t just give you a simple stopgap solution so that you can be underway. Rather, we want to find out specifically what is causing this problem and then devise a plan of attack that is going to get you and your partner through that problem.

No for example, if your spouse is cheating on you then we’re not going to just tell her to stop cheating. There is a reason that she’s cheating and is because something of hers is not being fulfilled. We will diagnose the issues at hand in find out exactly why she’s doing what she’s doing. Are you not fulfilling her sexual needs? Should not love you anymore? What is truly going on thereā€¦

Once we have this information and then we are able to create a plan that is going to potentially help her not want to cheat on you and live a loyal marriage.

By diagnosing the problem we’re going to be able to find a solution that can work in the long-term.

In the end though, it’s all on you guys. I can help give you the tools in order to have a successful relationship. But if you don’t practice or truly want to be with the other person then you probably cannot be helped.